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Welcome to, the online licensing library for Game Composer Murray Atkinson's ever growing catalog. As a freelance composer selling music via multiple online networks Murray has thousands of licenses currently being used in games. Featuring many of the most popular musical genres ubiquitous in game soundtracks, this library features music asset packs and individual music assets for battles, dungeons, towns, epic orchestral themes, hard rock / metal, music for steampunk-themed games, beautiful melancholic laments, detective / noire, spy, heist, casino themes, classic 90s sounding 8 bit / chiptune songs to modern, full production orchestral / synth hybrid tracks, and many more.


An affordable, simple, one step licensing process makes gettng music quick and easy which you can review here. All audio is properly formatted to loop seamlessly and invisibly during gameplay. 


Any questions or feedback or for custom composing please contact


Please review the licensing agreement before you buy, and if you find good uses for the music, please send a message and a link to your finished game!


Happy game developing!

Custom composition for Bulletville:

Custom music in action! Infinigon's Zenith, featuring custom compositions and licensed library music

VGM Library music in action! Aurora Hearts:

VGM Library Music Theme - Aurora Hearts

VGM Library Music Theme - Aurora Hearts

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